About Us

     Vacation By The Beach was started by Shane and Heather Harstine in Dec 2005. It all started when we were married in Seaside, FL on July 22, 2000. From that point, we dreamed of having our own beach home and business. In 2001, we started our management company in Orlando, Florida and 4 years later we decided it was time to branch out and bring our brand to 30-A. Our goal was to provide quality vacation rentals at a fair price and offer great customer service. We believe that we have done this by keeping the Mom and Pop business attitude. Our operation managers, Eric and Dawn, are always in the neighborhood talking to guests and spending time with our owners. We think of Eric and Dawn as family and we also feel that way towards our property owners and  guests. We are a growing business and look forward to meeting new goals and challenges. One thing  will always remain true. We will not forget who provides us the opportunity to have a business on 30-A. It is the guests who stay with us year after year and the owners who trust us with their vacation home investment.

Vacation By The Beach
Telephone (859) 420-6556
Toll Free: 877-228-6357 (Within USA)